Gilbert, or The Unfathomable Loneliness Of The Deep Space prospector

Gilbert, or The Unfathomable Loneliness of the Deep Space Prospector, is the result of mixing a love of science fiction, Spaghetti Westerns and noise-fueled rock. Abandoning their less than impressive origins as one of Cork City’s most forgettable blues bands, the trio have since taken to displaying a dizzying array of sounds, from aggressive rhythms, to noisy space-like textures, along vocals ranging from spoken word, hazy whispers and throaty howls. If that wasn’t enough to peak your interest, there is also a lore-filled space western narrative unfolding, telling the story of Pigeon, Murk, Wichita Sunshine, and of course Gilbert. A narrative that could be described as elephantine. Large, awkward, cumbersome even! But nonetheless, INTELLIGENT. Come for the noisy yell fest, stay for the LORE (we’re serious).