Rokaia - press release

Limerick electronic/experimental singer songwriter releases her 2 track EP on all streaming services

For publishing from October 1st

Rokaia Jedir is a composer and music producer based in Limerick. Her compositional style engages limitations that set experimental performance aspects, tied to a production style that mainly uses vocal processing and layering techniques.

Her debut 2 track EP “See | Dwell” glitches and swirls and drones through effected vocals and samples touching on ideas found in Bon Iver’s latest album 22 A Million but also delves into the more experimental side of things akin to acts like Holly Herndon.

Rokaia’s more recent performances have focused on exploratory sensibilities, with improvisational aspects that oppose aesthetic conventions in modern music, combined with the opposing features of mellow electronica and trip-hop beats.

Structured song-like compositions are combined with mellow electronic soundscapes that allow performance to explore the unknown sonic territory. The soundscapes evolve with a focus on causality in relation to time and sonic material, under the influence of improvised electronic manipulation.

Her debut release “See | Dwell” prefaces what plans to be a substantial 2019 with a full-length album nearing completion and a number of shows in the works.

Rokaia operates in the realm of textural, melodic voice, a sub-genre within the larger realm of experimental voice.
— Richard Allen, A Closer Listen

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Rokaia jedir

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Donagh Sugrue