#1: An introduction...

A sort of mission statement for Teletext

Before we start, If you have come as far as to click into this link and read this sentence in the blog; thank you. You’re already being a part of what ensures what we and the acts on the roster do is worthwhile.

Myself, Danny, Donagh & JJ had a big chat over the weekend about what we all want Teletext to be, where we want things to be in a year - compiling a game plan basically so that we can milestone out how to get there. Luckily, we all largely had similar ideas of where that end point was.

The four of us have spent most of our lives involved in playing music in some capacity, and we just collectively decided that it's time to put equal effort into nourishing and organising the side of the experience that our skill sets align with more heavily. Myself & JJ are both writers, Donagh & Danny are both business graduates - we know people that could benefit from those skills, and us being a bridging point of the creative & the industry is in our eyes a worthwhile endeavour.

We as people have always tried to think outside the box when it comes to our own performances and we've been fortunate enough to come across lots of other people with a similar mindset. This is the main reason we wanted to create this collective and are accepting open submissions, we are always open to new ways of thinking about music and performance and we want to take every opportunity we can to encourage and nourish that outside the box thinking. It’s what anyone who decides on a day to be a musician has signed up for.

I was watching a documentary short on sculptor Tony Cragg recently and the way he boiled down why he had high hopes for a piece that at the time was just scrap Styrofoam was “I’m excited to see it, and that’s why you should do things” - it had such a terrible impression on me. I just wanted to be excited about live music again, about putting it together and getting to watch it myself. So often gigs are just 4 guys with beards & flannel shirts playing the same set in the same bar for a year or two, offering nothing outside of those same songs. I always felt slightly shortchanged as an audience member. I guess the mission statement boils down to wanting to create “artistic” events; experiences, rather than the same club night over and over and over again.

Sorry if this was a bit ramble-y, but this is the start of what will be like a digital diary of sorts - a place for the 4 of us to clear our head space and actually try to articulate to you where we’re at and what we’re thinking. Maybe monthly. Maybe not. We’re building this plane as we fly it.