An Eldritch Abomination are fans of...

We met with our industrial weirdos to ask them about some of their favourite records that might be a source of inspiration for their upcoming album hakmuziek (speculated for release in December) for part of our new blog series “Are fans of…”

Simply enough, we ask the act in question to put together a Spotify playlist of some of the music they’re vibing with at the moment and choose 5 releases to talk about in depth. This will be a regular addition to the blog with both rostered acts and non-rostered acts.

Oneohtrix Point Never - Russian Mind

I think Daniel Lopatin and I will always be kindred spirits, I completely independently of my awareness of his existence fell in love with the visual & auditory artifacts of the late 80’s and early 90’s, I’ve always had a fascination with the-road-less-traveled and the nations often overlooked by tourists, subsequently the far eastern Europe and the sprawling yet echo-chambered cultures prevalent there [the first track from hakmuziek is titled almaty, an allusion to Kazakhstan’s largest city], and even on a production level I find so much joy in light pitch modulations & reverb & Doppler replicating synths and soundscapes which Lopatin has everywhere in his discography, but it’s just so perfected on this record and when it gets distorted and noisy it’s still comforting and warm.

A - OPN.jpg

Street Sects - End Position

The Flenser really is a label that’s consistently on the cutting edge of music across all of the styles that they offer, this record for all it’s grittiness and admittedly very “edge-lord” content is textured and dynamic in ways we’ve never encountered on another album. Most industrial tends to just be balls to the wall noise but this record seems to embrace all the short stops between it’s violence as ways to use contrast to amplify how aggressive it’s drenched-in-viscera moments are.

A - Street Sects.jpg

ELLLL - Romance

This EP has actually done such damage to me, I think it might be my favourite techno release ever. It made me completely rethink how sampling could be done, how repetition adds to intensity, how atmosphere trumps pretty much every pretentious thing a musician might want to do with their music - albeit atmosphere is a layer of pretense. But yeah, and reading interviews with Ellen and how she approaches things with a “no one else was providing it for me so I just started doing it myself” mentality is just so inspiring. I feel like she’s at the forefront of a really important movement and we’ll look back on this in 20 years like we do a Loveless or a Pinkerton. Big talk, but yeah it comes from such a place of love. More music soon please!

Iglooghost - Neo Wax Bloom

I always thought the point of these lists was to introduce people to new music and I really feel like no one outside of The Needle Drop’s fan group is aware of Seamus’s stuff. He’s got this batshit insane lore & story associated with every release - something about humanoids called tampei’s that grow up to be witches that fuck with the tampei’s, and an inter-dimensional portal has opened between worlds letting these giant worms pass between times and spaces - I could be explaining that poorly, google it though it’s worth an investigation. But even outside of that, the music is so well crafted even his first EP was just nuts for a debut. I can’t sing this album’s praises enough. And he just loves the craft so much, he’s got dancers onstage for his upcoming EP release tour that are dressed as the characters and he’s got a custom built MIDI controller that looks like a kids toy and a DJ station that looks like an IKEA desk. The man is bonkers.

A - iglooghost.jpg

SOPHIE - Product

I’ll always look at both of the current SOPHIE albums as being 2 hugely different artists - Product era SOPHIE who was still heavily PC Music affiliated and clearly trying to satirise pop music and consumerism, and on the other side of it there’s Oil era SOPHIE who’s very much come to terms with herself but still has all of the biting aggression. Maybe it’s just me, but listening to both records side by side they sound like vastly different artists and I think OOEPUI is just too perfect and a little less hellscapish. Not to devalue it, it’s just different. I listen to both weekly.

A - SOPHIE.jpg

An Eldritch Abomination have included 5 other tracks in their Spotify Playlist which you can check out HERE.