ArvoParty - ii

I’m an absolute fucking music dork, I saw this act name earlier in the year, summer time maybe, and fell in love with this act on the name alone. Arvo Part is one of my favourite composers ever, he’s just made some weird & ballsy decisions in his time, and I thought this act name would be a funny homage for something that sounds totally different - á la Elvis Depressedly.

I did not expect this to be arguably one of the most dynamic and sonically pleasant electronic records I’ve ever heard. I can’t articulate enough nice things to say about it without coming across as disingenuous, other than I have always aspired for my own music to be analysed by people the way I’m breaking this record down.


When this album is in the soft transitionary breaks it’s so spacious and beautiful, like you’re floating on water with subtle pitch modulations waving around you making the music feel infinite. It reminds me a lot of William Basinski at these points, for example F U R N E T E R.

But then when it hits hard it hits SO hard and you’re just overcome with groove that would win a dance floor without trouble - the intro into L I L a C a R C H would be an example. It's so dynamic, it blends acoustic instruments in such a bizarre way - I might be losing my mind but I’m pretty sure there was a 5 piece saxophone section in D a D A and it felt like I was in a cloud of bubbles that were popping around me.

Overall, it's really dancey and contemporary friendly while also being really glitched out and weird. Arvo Party - you and me baby, let’s do something together. Doesn’t even need to be making music, let’s just grab coffee. Become Friends. Go see a Nicholas Sparks movie. Whatever your poison is. I want to pick your brain.

Stand out tracks:

L I L a C a R C H

37 D E G R E E S

4s & 7s