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“Ingress” EP released on all streaming services

Pre-release review copy available at end of page for publishing from 1st November

Also seeking a publication for an exclusive streaming premiere of the EP from October 30th

Acclaimed instrumental & prog metal band Aponym hail from the south of Ireland, combining the atmospherics of post metal, the riffs of prog and the soundscapes of drone. The outfit release their sophomore EP “Ingress” on the 1st of November. In what must be one of the most anticipated follows-up releases in the country this year, the group grapple with numbers about a failed arctic exploration that leads to cannibalism in ‘Erebus And Terror’, to the image of a colossal subterranean deity in ‘Worm God’, Aponym aims to cover ground with ferocity and precision. Nowhere is this more embodied than on their first single from the EP “Grandstander”, which was released on the 17th of October to near unanimous praise for it’s apocalyptic guitar work and off kilter bass harmonies.

"Ingress" is a labor of love for the group, and was mixed in-house by the band, then subsequently mastered by Deafheaven producer Jack Shirley. Cover art was created by Partholón frontman Daniel Howard and the EP as a whole draws inspiration from humanity’s struggles with fear, consequences and the human condition. The EP also displays an improved focus for the band. Gone are the ambiguous samples and ambient transitions of their first EP in favor of a straight forward approach that emphasizes the band’s wonderful songwriting.

Formed in 2015, the band released their debut EP 'Deus Incognitus' in June 2017 and has gone on to play subsequent shows across Ireland to roaring praise. The band consists of Dave Longan (guitars, programming), Cillian Plummer (guitars), David O'Mahony (bass, programming) and Christopher O'Sullivan (drums, percussion), taking influence from genres like post metal, drone, extreme metal and progressive rock. The band is currently based between Cork and Limerick, making a lot of their atmospheric instrumentals by proxy. The band cite other prog greats such as Mastodon, Meshuggah, Gojira, Devin Townsend, Shardborne, Russian Circles, ASIWYFA and many others as influences.

Their recent signing with new label Teletext Records spells a move forward & an association with acts outside of a contemporary metal circle to display effectively just how diverse their sound can be and how many ears it can tap into.

A considered and molten mix of forebodance and thunder.
— Overblown

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