Teletext Records launched in 2018, bred from the minds of North-Kerry native musicians who grew fed up from the sense of ambiguous legitimacy all of their artistic endeavors seemed to generate when applying for festival, submitting music for review or seeking radio play they felt they could use the business skills and knowledge of the industry to try and help the other fantastic artists and acts in their eye line with these skills as well.

The current aim and central provisions of Teletext are marketing, promotion and management - operating as a centralised booking and scheduling point for acts, proposing and enacting marketing campaigns, and also acting as producer for any of the more ambitious ventures that our acts have in mind; be it putting on a gig in a less than ordinary venue or a multimedia project.

All of the core members of Teletext Records have some form of business background whilst also being musicians, so Teletext strives to use these business skills to be the bridging point between the acts that we're passionate about and the wider industry.